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We know you’re smart and can participate as a partner in your legal issues, customizing the scope of the work to your unique workplace and resources. We may be experts in employment law, but you are the expert in your business.

Client Value Manifesto

Scope We will scale the scope of legal services to match your expectations and needs. We do not over-lawyer to expand the scope. We’re here to develop long term relationships, and want every invoice for legal fees to reflect good value.

Transparency We believe in full transparency with you. The purpose of the client portal is to share access and control of your documents, your invoices and your legal matter.

Listen We will listen to you. Like, really listen to you, to make sure the legal advice and work is within the scope you want and need (based on your opinion not ours).

Collaboration We invite you to actively participate in your legal matter, with the goal of being the most time and cost-effective possible. We will talk with you, not at you, and will collaborate with you and your team to achieve your workplace law goals.

Ease Stress Legal issues are only fun for lawyers. Workplace discord and difficult employee relationships take a toll on every business and interfere with productive management of the business. Our mandate is to effectively solve your legal issues while reducing the stress and emotional impact that weaves its way through every workplace matter. Employment law is always about human relationships, and we integrate that practical reality into every business solution.

We're Virtual, Paperless and Love Technology

All of our lawyers and staff work virtually, but closely connected through technology. As a paperless firm, we seek to automate what administrative processes we can, so that we can focus on client services instead.

Our clients see what’s going on through the client portal, including billing matters, client documents and letters to counsel, and remain in control of their own legal matter. Plus, we’re always only a video conference, phone call or email away.

As much as we like technology, we also love people. Our firm is a virtual member of the King Law Chambers (KLC) at 43 Front Street East in Toronto, Canada. We can still engage with colleagues who inspire us, support us, and make us laugh. KLC has beautiful boardrooms when a video conference, phone call or email is not enough, and nothing can beat Lil or Diana’s welcoming smile when we come in the door.

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Flat Fees

It’s all the rage, we know.

We offer 3 types of services to employers, 2 of which are flat fee based:


In all cases, whether we bill by the hour or offer a flat fee, we provide a budget estimate at all steps along the way, so that you always know what your costs will be.

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