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We provide legal and strategic advice for executives throughout their employment relationship, including:

  • Reviewing executive employment contract terms, such as compensation plans, termination entitlements and restrictive covenants
  • Navigating disability and parental leaves of senior level employees
  • Advising employees during a workplace investigation
  • Providing strategic advice during promotions, demotions and constructive dismissals
  • Negotiating termination packages, either directly or behind the scenes

We offer either Limited Scope Representation or Full Representation solutions for executives.

Limited Scope Representation

The LSR approach lets you retain full control of your matter and determine the scope of legal services required. Some clients prefer to do what they can and pull in legal help for those limited aspects of the matter that they require additional support for, or for the big picture strategic legal advice to ensure they are on the right track.

Full Representation

Other executives prefer to hand over the mess to a fellow professional and let us run with it, always instructing on decisions to take, but stepping back and handing over both the legal strategic work and the day-to-day representation.


Q & A for Employee Legal Services

1) Do you provide free legal consultations to determine if my package is fair and whether I should pursue a claim?

No. Why? Because this is legal advice (ie the thing we sell), and we have yet to figure out how to review all of the relevant employment and termination documents, consider the legal issues involved, and provide a legal opinion on whether your package is fair without this amounting to legal advice.

Click here for some free resources you may want to consider, if you’re wanting to further research your options.

2) What kind of consultations do you provide?

We provide a Flat Fee Consultation for $750 + tax that enables us to comprehensively review your documents (not 5 minutes before our meeting or during the meeting while you watch), consider the legal issues, fully prepare for the consultation, and provide you with legal advice that sets out your legal risk, exposure and strategy for options and next steps. This process is rarely less than 2-4 hours. It is a discount on our usual hourly rate and provides you with the budget certainty you need. It also provides the opportunity to audition us on a fixed fee, no obligation basis and determine if we are the right fit for your matter.

If you wish to retain us afterwards, we would move to an arrangement which would either unbundle the legal services you require (see the LSR details above) or provide full hourly rate representation in your matter. The path is yours to select.

If you would like to book a Fixed Fee Consultation, click here to get started.

3) Do you work on a contingency fee basis?

Rarely. A contingency fee arrangement is where the law firm takes a percentage, usually around 30%, of the final award that an employee wins in court or in an out of court settlement. This enables the employee to engage in litigation without funding the process up front.

We rarely do contingency, and in all cases, would require the first step to be a Fixed Fee Consultation, described above. This would enable us to review your case to determine if it is suitable for a contingency arrangement, while providing you with a full legal opinion and assessment of your case for the fee charged. Should we move to a contingency arrangement, the Fixed Fee Consultation would be set off against the final contingency fee payment.

If you would like to book a Fixed Fee Consultation, click here to get started.

4) Do you offer any alternative fee structures?

Yes! We seek out opportunities to avoid the billable hour. Our unbundled, Limited Scope Representation services are typically flat fee and geared towards only those parts of the legal service you require. Other examples of flat fee services include reviewing an executive contract, drafting a demand letter, and a variety of flat fee services for employers.

5) There are so many employment lawyers out there – why go with your firm?

We are happy to answer that question, as planted and contrived as it is. One of the regular comments we get from clients is that we don’t sound like lawyers – we’re real people with practical results that address both the legal issue and the very real emotional aspects of your matter. Terminations are always stressful, upsetting, sometimes embarrassing and occasionally seem like they will be financially disastrous. The first few weeks following a termination are, in particular, an emotional rollercoaster that require experience, compassion and responsiveness to cut through the pain and help get you back to decisive action. This will get better, but it will be a heck of a ride along the way.

For other areas of employment law, our firm can provide the experience gained on Bay Street representing global employers, with the comparative analysis gained from dealing with many other executive contracts, negotiations, and constructive dismissals. This experience translates to efficient and cost-effective solutions, grounded in big-picture strategic advice.

Plus, we’re nice and genuinely care that you succeed in your matter, knowing that ‘success’ looks different in every case (and rarely involves a trial or extensive, stressful and costly litigation). We advocate fiercely, litigate when necessary, and always listen to what you need and want in your unique situation.

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