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The online world is full of great resources on employment law, government HR, and payroll information and legislation. Here is a wide variety of resources for you to integrate into your toolkit for legal information.

Legal Resources

We share this collection of helpful legal resources and do our best to keep the links up to date, but cannot guarantee that any of the below information will be the current, correct or only information available for a specific topic you may be researching. If you find any of these links to be broken or out of date, or if you have any other suggestions of resources we should add to the list, please email us to let us know.

We particularly caution readers researching workplace laws in Quebec. In addition to their French language, Quebec is governed by civil law, not common law, and has a different legal system than the rest of the country. This includes various benefits and taxing systems. Case law will often apply across the country, including Quebec, but will inevitably have unique nuances if the case is based on Quebec legislation.

Ontario Government Resources

Canada/Federal Government Resources

Note: Only about 10% of the Canadian population is governed by federal labour law, with provincial laws governing most employment relationships. Other federal laws, however, cover everyone (with some Quebec exceptions), such as the Canada Pension Plan and Service Canada.

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