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SpringLaw’s Legal Services for ADP HR Assist Clients

We look forward to helping you solve your workplace law issues. About SpringLaw: We are a Canadian virtual law firm practicing exclusively in the areas of employment, labour and human rights law.  Our team is here to help you build and manage your team strategically and calmly while resolving your people challenges with more certainty and less drama.

Your ADP HR AssistBundle

Your ADP HR Assist HR Pro Bundle (“Bundle”) gives you access to 5 hours of verbal legal advice provided by SpringLaw on “In Scope” employment law topics. Here are the “In Scope” legal services available through your Bundle, along with the “Out of Scope” Full Services we are pleased to provide you:

Legal Document Templates Included in Your Bundle

In addition to the 5 hours of legal services, your ADP HR Assist HR Pro Bundle includes access to 4 legal document templates:

  • an Employment Agreement
  • an Independent Contractor Agreement
  • a Termination Letter
  • a Full & Final Release

These are available through the ADP HR Assist client portal in the Legal Services section.


Client Intake & Contacting Your SpringLaw Lawyer

  • Please click “Connect with SpringLaw” below and complete our contact form
  • The SpringLaw Client Services Team will then contact you
  • New clients will need to complete SpringLaw’s intake process as outlined below in Steps 2-4
  • Returning clients can email SpringLaw directly at legal@springlaw.ca

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please reach out to the SpringLaw Client Services Team at legal@springlaw.ca.  We are here to help you along the way. We look forward to working with you.

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Important Legal Disclaimers & Notes

All legal services made available with ADP HR Assist are provided by SpringLaw Professional Corporation, a third-party provider. SpringLaw is an independent law firm that practices exclusively in the areas of employment, labour, and human rights law.  ADP is not a law firm, does not provide legal advice or representation or legal services of any nature, and so no solicitor-client relationship between you and ADP will be formed as part of the Services. The five hours of verbal legal advice made available to you with your Bundle is an annual limit that starts from when you purchase the Bundle.  Any unused time in one year cannot be rolled over into the next year. Calls will be tracked in six-minute increments and can last no less than 12 minutes and no more than 60 minutes per call. If you elect to receive “Out of Scope” Legal Services, these services will be tracked separately by SpringLaw Professional Corporation and billed directly to you, at rates and on terms agreed upon by you and SpringLaw. For employment law topics that are either “Out of Scope” or require more than the annual five hours included in your bundle, you may retain SpringLaw directly.

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